The best space is this: we live in it, but we don't feel where nature ends and where art begins.

--Lin Yutang



What fascinates the design of the house is its infinite restoration of the story and emotion of the occupants. It's often difficult to answer questions about style. Rather than defining the style of a space, we are more willing to describe what kind of people, what kind of family, what hobbies, experiences and relationships we all have living there. Instead of "designing" a home, it is better to present a home and construct a poetic life scene.

▽最大化地将江景引入室内,Maximize river view indoors


 The project is a spiritual harbor carefully built by the designer for the owner. In addition to meeting all the functional requirements of the five members of the customer's family, the designer will screen out the unnecessary walls, open the public space, and let the room have enough lighting. "The adoption process of these original materials, we call it the addition of life, after that, we need to make some choices, temper every detail, and finally extract the most appropriate way of speaking, to face the balance between personalization and group resonance - that is, the subtraction of design."

▽住宅入口,Entrance of the apartment
The designer organizes the flow line through the hall space, so that it has strong flexibility at the same time.  It can be used not only as the entrance corridor of the house, but also as an extension of the storage space, distribution space and guest restaurant.

On the material, white oak natural color floor and light gray wood veneer are used to match the dumb white wall and ceiling, which not only ensures the brightness of the space, but also increases the sense of hierarchy and texture of the space, making the overall space more open and full of natural atmosphere.

▽从客厅望向餐厅,View to the dining room from the living room

It is necessary to integrate the functional areas according to the owner's personalized life style. In order to unify the environmental atmosphere from the space and separate the independent functional areas, the design team should avoid the traditional functional split layout in the spatial layout, so as to make the overall design of the guest restaurant as much as possible, so as to create more possibilities for the spatial scene. Let the family have more space for dialogue and sharing. Get up in the morning and have a hazy sleep. In the face of the family who is drinking tea and reading in the restaurant, a greeting, the experience of love between the family is what the space should express.


Marble dining table is located in the middle of the house. It is specially designed by the designer for the family. After several months of careful design and personal selection, it is the highlight of the whole transitional space and also meets the different use needs of each family member. The floor of the dining room is made of gray marble, which is cool and elegant. The same color art installation on the wall adds a flowing atmosphere to the large space.

▽流动的社交区域,Mobile social area

The living room has a space of about 80 ㎡. In order not to damage the overall sense of large space, after careful consideration, the TV background wall and bookcase are integrated into a whole, which enriches the practical needs of the residents. In the choice of materials, the design team abandons the complex and tedious decoration techniques, adopts the simple and overall design language, and creates a relaxed living atmosphere for people. And make the space more open.

设计师张雷认为家是一个人与亲友共享私密时光的空间,应该给人能以疗愈和滋养。最重要 的是,家能予人启迪,令人快乐。在家具的摆放上,打破了传统客厅空间的设计,以茶几为中心,呈圆形摆放,自由组合的沙发将空间打造成流动性的无边界空间。

Zhang Lei, the designer, thinks that home is a space for people to share private time with their relatives and friends, which should give people healing and nourishment. The most important thing is that family can inspire and make people happy. In terms of furniture placement, it breaks the design of traditional living room space, and takes the tea table as the center, which is placed in a circular shape. The free combination of sofas makes the space into a fluid borderless space.
▽落地的窗户为室内带来了充足的日光以及一线的江景,Floor-to-ceiling windows bring plenty of daylight and first-line river views to the interior


Light flows into the room through the viewing window, gives Siri music instructions, and then starts the coffee extracted by the automatic coffee machine. After completing this series of actions, this will be the early morning view you see by the window, and also the beginning of the woman's daily life. The designer cleverly integrates nature and light into the space.
▽室内色调连续性,A continuous space color

In view of the characteristics of the house, Muxin Studio adopts a simple and restrained design strategy. The space is mainly neutral white and black, creating a calm and elegant environment. Following this concept, the room is equipped with light colored furniture, a full marble dining table, oak wardrobe side table and customized curtains.

▽隐藏在白色烤漆柜后面的立式空调,Vertical air conditioner hidden behind a white paint cabinet

▽室内细部,Detailed view

▽充满张力的艺术角落,Art corner full of tension


The owner couple love art very much. The background of the whole house is like a clean and pure canvas, which provides sufficient space for the art to be sprinkle. In this project, the designer is like the provider of canvas, and the resident of the house is the "soul painter" who enriches this work. Finally, the owner and the designer determine the unique artwork together.

▽主卧室,Master bedroom

▽不间断的延展与流动的居住空间,Uninterrupted extension and flowing living space


The efficient space sequence of bedroom, cloakroom and toilet constitutes a complete and comfortable master bedroom suite.
▽通高的梳妆台镜子让空间无限延伸,The high-height dressing table mirror extends the space infinitely

▽配置完善的四分离卫生间,Well equipped four separate bathrooms

On the whole, the warm color and soft texture is relatively close to the ground and the surface that the human body needs to relax contact, and the cold and hard lines are close to the upper part and the place where the vision stays. In this way, we can not only relax and feel safe on the body, but also take care of the refreshing and accessible sense of vision.
▽浴室一角,Part of the bathroom


As an important element of this space, the black metal straight line represents "point", "line" and "plane", which forms a good hierarchy and contrast with the "body" represented by the wall wrapped in white marble and the washing table.
▽老人房,Parent’s room

The modern, soft and warm space is prepared for the elderly. The curtains are double-layer gauze curtains and brocade curtains. By opening some curtains, you can adjust the brightness of the room, so that the elderly can avoid the stimulation of strong light in the daytime, and enjoy the leisurely afternoon time on the comfortable reclining chair. At night, the color matching of the elderly's room is also in the same color system of mellow and elegant. Try to use the natural light to create a mellow and warm sleeping environment for the elderly. At the same time, the elderly room is equipped with a dresser and an independent elderly guard, which is convenient for the elderly to use.

▽家具细部,Furniture details


In order to adapt to these changes, designers use warm materials and colors, and lay anti-skid wood floor, and the gap is flat, reducing the height changes. For the safety of the elderly, the height of the wardrobe, wall cabinet and other furniture is reduced, and the edges and corners of the furniture are smooth, so as to prevent bumping against the elderly.

▽老人卫,Guest toilet

The two bathrooms are made of two different materials, the main bedroom is made of white marble with fish belly, and the parents' bathroom is made of terrazzo and small white brick. With the help of mirror reflection effect, the vertical components are wrapped with paint baking stainless steel, which brings more vertical segmentation feeling to the interior. In addition, the curved ceiling and bathroom products give more soft and warm texture to the space.

▽女孩房,Girl’s room


The space full of vitality is for children. In girl's room, pink walls still play an indispensable role. The designer avoids the high saturation powder and uses the low saturation "dirty" powder, which gently tells the children about the soft atmosphere of the space. The combination and opening mode of different lamps can also reflect the interesting changes in the room sooner or later.

▽男孩房,Boy’s room


The design of boy's room pays attention to the psychological characteristics of its gender, satisfies the boy's strong hero complex, and also reflects the lively and dynamic character demand. The designer, on the one hand, takes the safety into account to soften the corners of all furniture, on the other hand, takes the toys loved by the little boy as decoration to enliven the space atmosphere. In the design of the children's room, the designer believes that the space should have the ability to change as the boy grows. Therefore, we should abandon all kinds of children's space design techniques, which are rigid, over decorated, floating on the surface and lack of imagination. Instead, we should start from the interest of the space form itself, and make the whole space itself into a growing space, so that children can explore, discover and create their own interesting space without restraint and from their own.

“城市是一本打开的书,不同的人有不同的读法。” 学者易中天在《读城记》开篇如此写道。同样,每一个住宅都有它独特的魅力。而每个魅力也洒落在每一个空间之中,目心一直在拾取这些零散的空间记忆,将它包裹并送入设计之中。将它送入业主的家庭,送入艺术的生活之中。

"The city is an open book. Different people have different ways of reading it." Yi Zhongtian, a scholar, wrote at the beginning of the book of Reading the City. Similarly, every house has its unique charm. And every charm is also scattered in every space. M
Muxin Studio has been picking up these scattered space memories, wrapping them and sending them into the design, into the owner's family and into the life of art.
▽平面图,Floor plan


[Project Information]
Project address: Shanghai
Project type: residential
Design scope: Interior Design
Building area: 330 square meters
Design time: 2018.06—2018.08
Construction time: 2018.09—2019.08
Design team: Zhang Lei, Sun Haochen, Li Xuan, Jiang Dawei
Photographer: Wu Yue